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Toolbar "Results"

The toolbar contains the following operating elements:

Toolbar "Setting visualization of graphical outputs"

Individual elements operate as follows:

Plotting style setting

List of plots

  • a combo list containing names of plots saved by the user

Save plot

  • saves the current plot displayed on the desktop, the dialog window serves to enter the name of the plot

Manager of plots

  • opens the "Manager of plots" dialog window which serves to manage (delete, change order, rename) already saved plots

Results (loads, load cases, combination, dimensioning)

  • displays the selected load cases, combination (ULS, SLS), envelopes (ULS, SLS) or dimensioning

Type of variable

Surface plot

  • turns on/off plotting of isolines, isosurfaces


Plotting of topology

  • plotting of topology of construction

The toolbar contains the most often used operating elements needed to view the results on the desktop. Detailed setting of the style of plotting the results is available in the "Slab - results visualization settings" dialog window.

Similar to our other programs the results can be saved and printed. The plotting style can be adjusted in the "Drawing Settings" frame.

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