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Plastic Sheet Pile (Vinyl)

The Plastic sheet pile requires an input of:

  • Cross-section name (default name is generated by the program, it can be changed using "User def." checkbox)
  • Section length l
  • Cross-section type - it is selected in the dialog window "Catalog of profiles" (button "Catalog")

The catalog of profiles contains a lot of classes of sheet piles and casings from different manufacturers (see below). If you use different types of products, please contact us (, we will implement it into our catalog in the program.

Parameters input - plastic sheet pile

Plastic sheet piles are very soft for bending and their deformations are much higher then deformation of steel or concrete structures. The standard method for determination of modulus of subgrade reaction (Schmitt) cannot be used for plastic material. If the Schmitt method is selected, the program automatically switches to the method "Vinyl". In this case modulus of subgrade reaction is calculated from Oedometric modulus of soil - kh = 2/3 Eoed.

Other methods remain the same as for other types of cross-section.

The verification of the bearing capacity of the plastic sheet pile can be carried out in the "Dimensioning" frame.

  • Katalog Everlast Synthetic Products, LLC - can be found at

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