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Creation of Interface points

Created geological sections correspond with our ideas about geology of the location - they are ideal input for creation of 3D subsoil model. It is possible to assign each line to interfaces of future 3D model. Assignment is carried out in the dialog window for line input - we can select an interface from the list or create a new interface using "Add interface" button. The points of interfaces are generated automatically - we can see them in the Interface frame.

Assigned interfaces are visible in the table.

Assigned interfaces

The interface can be assigned when a line is edited (or added). In the picture, we can see assigned interface "GT4 - Loess Silt" - it is recommended to use name according to the soil (or geotechnical type) above it.

Assignment of interface when line is added

Some lines are defined the way, that theirs points lie above each other - e.g. soil lenses. If we create an interface from this line, the model could not be generated correctly. The program warns about it using red exclamation mark in the list of lines (on the line of interface).

Warning about wrong input of interface

If we want to add points of soil lense into interface, it is necessary to divide it into two lines - upper and bottom part of lenses. The line type must be defined as "auxiliary", because this type is not displayed in the geological section drawing. Also, it is necessary to uncheck "Creating border of areas" option, because we do not want to change the shape of the generated areas.

The example of soil lense input is shown in the following picture.

Input of soil lense using two lines for interface generation

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