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Analyses from CPTs

The Pile CPT program allows us to verify the bearing capacity and settlement of a single pile or a group of piles based on the results of penetration tests - CPTs.

The main objective is to determine the base and shaft bearing capacities. This analysis can be carried according to the following standards and approaches:

For all methods the essential input parameters are dimensionless coefficients adjusting the magnitude of bearing capacity and shaft friction, respectively. Different notation of these parameters can be encountered in various publications. The following notation is used in program Pile CPT:



pile base coefficient



shaft friction coefficient

These coefficients are automatically calculated based on the type pile and the surrounding soil - these parameters can be, however, also specified manually (αp can be entered in the "Geometry" input mode, αs as a soil parameter).

When analyzing rectangular piles the pile shape coefficient s is introduced to reduce the base bearing capacity. When analyzing piles with enlargement the expanded pile base coefficient β is introduced to adjust the expanded base bearing capacity. When calculating the base bearing capacity the program automatically accounts for the influence of the change of terrain elevation.

The program allows for the calculation of the load-settlement curve and pile settlement for a given load. This analysis adopts the values of the calculated base and shaft bearing capacities and follows the NEN 6743 standard. A negative skin friction can also be taken into account when calculating pile settlement.

Verification of a pile bearing capacity depends on the verification methodology selected in the "Pile CPT" tab.

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