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Modeling of Wall from Rows

Individual rows are connected by reference points. For the show of workflow, we use modeling of the wall in the picture. The wall has setback of blocks 41 mm - in the Redi-Rock materials, it is described as "Outside corner shortback solution".

We define the first, basic line with 41 mm setback.

We enter the second row and let the reference block as 1 and place it on block 1 of the first row. We see the result in the picture. It is necessary to shift upper row to achieve correct corner modeling.

Wrong placing of rows

We change placing of reference block by shifting to 50% of bottom block. The result seems to be correct, but it is not. The defined 41 mm setback is automatically set for reference block, so both sides of wall are modeled correctly - but front of the wall is vertical without setbacks. The correct value of the shift is about 41 mm smaller - it is necessary to reduce shift percentage for 41//1172 (3,5 %) to 46,5 %. This way we ensure correct setback for front of wall.

Change of row location using shift on the reference block

This process is a little bit complicated for real work - for this reason the program allows us to place reference point on the wall corners. In this case, the setbacks are calculated automatically in both directions.

This way we add further rows of wall. We make sure that:

  • a corner block is selected as the reference block of the upper row
  • the row is placed on the corner block of the previous row

Created wall

Usually, the setback is the same for the whole length of the wall, but it is also possible to change it along the wall length. It can be used when more complicated walls are modeled - for example, wall with planters.

Wall with planters and straight setback

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