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Master Borehole

The master borehole has the largest influence on the geological model. The geological model is generated from the master borehole and from the boreholes, which are compatible with the master borehole.

The master borehole is selected in the "Geological model" frame.

Frame "Geological model" - selection of master borehole

The master borehole should:

  • maximally characterize the geological profile
  • be the deepest
  • be credible.

Usually it is more appropriate to select a borehole created from the core borehole than from CPT interpretation.

During the creation of the model, it is necessary to modify incompatible boreholes with master borehole to compatible - this way they are added into the geological model. If all boreholes are compatible, the geological model is created from all boreholes (in this case, the master borehole is not important). Incompatible boreholes have an "Active" column in red - these boreholes cannot be used for the generation of the model.

If the master borehole is changed, the new compatible boreholes are determined and new geological model is generated.

Modifications of the master borehole are performed in the "Edit master borehole" dialog window. It is also possible to modify it when other boreholes are edited.

The upper "Edit thickness" and "Move interface" buttons are used just for the master borehole.

Other buttons ("Insert", "Add", "Edit", "Divide", "Merge", "Remove") change also all compatible boreholes with the master borehole - it is possible to modify more boreholes just by one change. It can be used for example for creation of a new layer into the already generated model.

Dialog window "Edit master borehole"

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