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Master Borehole

The master borehole determines the number and order of layers in the model. Each model must have one borehole assigned to master borehole. The data in the Table of layers corresponds to the selected master borehole. When master borehole is changed, the table of layers is regenerated according to the new master borehole - again; it is necessary to assign interfaces and define an order of generation. The advantage is that each borehole can have its own table of layers defined.

The borehole with the maximum number of layers should be selected as a master borehole. The master borehole is edited during model creation to include all layer interfaces occurring in the model. It is necessary to add the interfaces which are not present in the master borehole. The layer interface can be defined as "not defined" - this interface is then generated according to the points from other active boreholes or points from the assigned interface.

Some modifications of the master borehole are automatically adopted in all compatible boreholes (adding or removing soil layer, change of soil, merging of layers...). So the compatibility of boreholes cannot be lost when editing the master borehole.

The master borehole is edited in the "Edit master borehole" dialog window.

"Edit master borehole" Dialog window

Adding or removing of layers in the master borehole is automatically done also in all compatible boreholes. It is also possible to edit master borehole when other boreholes are edited.

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