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Color Scale

The "Color scale" dialog window lets you create a user-defined color scale.

In the "Ranges" section, the minimum and maximum of scale can be determined automatically, or it can be defined by input value. If the scale is limited by input value, The values outside the range (below the minimum or above the maximum value) are drawn with colors specified in the right bottom part of the window. The input minimum and maximum values are linked to the same unit - e.g. when specifying the range of 0 - 200 kPa, this range is kept the same for all variables specified in kPa - when changing the currently displayed variable to the settlement variable, the current range is switched to that corresponding to the settlement unit.

The "Uniform" scale type means that colors are smoothly spread from the minimum to the maximum value of the scale. The "Divided by value" scale type draws the colors the space above the selected value with warm colors (yellow, red) and the space below the selected value with cold colors (green, blue)."Color scale" dialog window

In the window, it is also possible to edit:

  • count of levels (minimum 4, maximum 100)
  • scale colors
  • scale type

"Color scale" dialog window

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