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The frame "Geometry" serves to input a micropile cross-section (welded, rolled). The selected shape with a graphical hint of input values is displayed in the left part of the frame. The micropile cross-section is selected in dialog windows opened by pressing the "Enter welded" "Enter rolled" buttons (the selection for rolled cross-sections is performed from a catalog in the dialog window). An info window, displaying a detailed description of data of the selected cross-section, can be activated in the window. The selected data can be edited after choosing the type of micropile cross-section.

The basic geometrical data are specified in the right top part of the frame:

  • free length of micropile (distance between the micropile head and the origin of micropile base is considered)
  • root length
  • root diameter
  • micropile inclination (range from -60° to 60° measured from vertical, a positive value of an inclination angle is measured counterclockwise)
  • head offset (end of micropile above terrain (range from 0 to 10 m).

The program makes it possible to export the geometry of a structure in the *.DXF format.

  Frame "Geometry"

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