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Modulus Kh

This frame serves to specify a type of analysis for calculation of the modulus of subsoil reaction, which is an important input parameter when analyzing a sheeting structure by using the method of dependent pressures.

The way of calculation of the modulus of subsoil reaction kh is selected in the "Settings" frame (in the "Edit current settings" dialog window in the "Pressure Analysis" tab).

The frame can take different forms depending on the selected method of calculation:

  • standard (option "analyze – Schmitt", "analyze – Chadeisson", "manual iteration", or "automatic iteration")
  • input (selecting the option "Input by distribution" opens a table in the frame that allows us to input the values of the modulus of subsoil reaction kh both in front of and behind the structure. For option "Input as a soil parameter" the modulus kh is specified in the "Soils" frame, where the modulus of subsoil reaction is considered either as linear, or as nonlinear - curve)
  • pressuremeter PMT (modulus of subsoil reaction kh is calculated from pressuremeter test, or input as a parameter of soil in the "Soils" frame. Then there is specified method of calculation - according to NF P 94-282 or according to Menard)
  • Chinese standards (for "m" method is defined horizontal displacement at the ditch bottom vb [mm] and magnitude of modulus A [MN/m3], or option input as a parameter of soil – "c" method, "k" or "m" method)

Frame "Modulus kh" - selection "input by distribution"

Frame "Modulus kh" - selection "pressuremeter Ménard"

Frame "Modulus kh" - selection "Chinese standards"

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