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Parameters of SLS Combinations

Combinations SLS serve to evaluate states that refer to the structure appearance, comfort of people or to functioning of a structure while in ordinary use. Typically, only deformations, vibrations, etc. are checked. The "New combination of load cases" dialog window (similarly to combinations for ULS) serves to define the following parameters:

Type of combination according to EN 1990

The following combinations can be created for the service limit state:



combination based on expression 6.14 of EN 1990 standard



combination based on expression 6.15 of EN 1990 standard



combination based on expression 6.16 of EN 1990 standard

Selection of load cases

The table listing individual load cases allows for their selection to create a combination. The load case can be introduced into a combination by checking the field in the column "Consider" for a particular LC. A coefficient of usability can be specified for generally input combinations (select in the "Material and standards" tab) to adjust the degree of usability of the load case in the combination.

Dialog window "Combination of load cases"

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