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The frame "Distributions" serves to define general lines or lines located on the slab surface. For these segments (lines) it is possible to display variables (deflections, moments, rotations, etc.) for an arbitrary load case or LC combination, or if needed variables for dimensioning (values of necessary reinforcement areas calculated according to the standard selected in the "Material and standards" tab).

The frame contains a table with the list of input segments (lines). Adding is performed in the "New distributions" dialog window. The window serves to specify the type of input (segment, line), coordinates of the first and the last point, load case, combination, dimensioning and quantity.

The frame displays:


General distributions

general distributions (diagrams) on an arbitrary segment (line)


Distributions on beams

if a beam is assigned to the line it is possible to display distributions (diagrams) of other quantities (shear force V3, bending moment M2, twisting moment M1)


Distributions on supported line

if the line is supported it is possible to display distributions (diagrams) of other quantities (vertical reaction rz, moment reaction rm, t).

The input distributions can also be edited on the desktop with the help of active objects.

Frame "Distributions"

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