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The "Load" frame contains a table with a list of input loads. Adding loads is performed in the "New load" dialog window. Input of individual forces follows the sign convention displayed in the right part of the dialog window.

The following types of load can be specified:

When using EN1997 Design Approach 1, the bearing capacity analysis is performed for both the input design load (combination 1) and input service load (combination 2).

Dimensioning of reinforcements assumed for the foundation is carried out for both types of load.

When performing the analysis according to EN 1997 or LRFD (selected in the "Spread Footing" tab) it is assumed that the design load is determined in accordance with the corresponding standards and individual components of load are already pre-multiplied by corresponding partial factors - the program does not modify the input load any further.

The foundation is always loaded at the contact point between column and foundation. The program automatically computes the foundation self-weight and the weight of overburden.

The "Service" button allows for creating the service loads from the already input design loads (analysis according to the factor of safety or the theory of limit states).

The program also allows importing of load using the "Import" button.

Frame "Load"

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