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Pile Group Settlement

Cohesionless soil

The analysis of a pile group in a cohesionless soil is developed based on the linear theory of settlement (Poulos). The load-settlement curve for a pile group and the value of the total settlement sg is increased by the so-called group settlement factor gf.

An immediate settlement of the pile group increased by the group settlement factor is provided by:




pile group settlement



group settlement factor for a cohesionless soil (according to Pile Buck Inc. 1992)



settlement of a single pile (determined, e.g. from the load-settlement curve)



pile diameter



minimum width of pile group

Cohesive soil

The pile group settlement in a cohesive soil is determined as the settlement of a substitute foundation at a depth of 0,67*L, having a width B and a length B'.

Analyses to calculate settlement are described in more detail in "Settlement analysis".

Scheme of substitute foundation - settlement of pile group in cohesive soil

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