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Setting Earthquake analysis

When performing the earthquake analysis it is possible to choose in the "Analysis Setting" dialogue window the type of analysis, either "Stress analysis" or "Earthquake". The stress analysis in a given stage always precedes the earthquake analysis.

Unlike in stress analysis the earthquake analysis requires setting the initial time step in s.

In addition, the parameters of the selected time integration scheme, either the Newmark method or the Alpha method, and the parameters of the Eigenvalue analysis for the calculation of eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes must be specified.

Setting of Earthquake analysis

The earthquake analysis always performs the following sequence of computations:

  1. Stress analysis
  2. Eigenvalue analysis
  3. One-dimensional Free field column analysis
  4. Two-dimensional earthquake analysis

The Free field column analysis serves to set the time variation of traction boundary conditions applied on the vertical boundaries of the 2D model needed in step 4. This is the only analysis which does not allow visualization of the analysis results.

Further details are available in the theoretical manual on our website.

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