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Verification of Cross Section

The results of the analysis of the micropile tube bearing capacity loaded either in tension or compression are displayed in the frame "Verification of cross section". More computations can be carried out for a single task. The left part of the frame allows for inputting the modulus of subsoil reaction and to account for the influence of corrosion on the analysis.

When calculating the tube bearing capacity (micropile cross section) the program differentiates between a micropile loaded in tension or in compression.

In case of tension the program determines coupled section bearing capacity (strength of cement mixture is not considered).

In case of compression the program examines both, coupled section bearing capacity and internal stability of section, depending on the method set in the "Micropiles" tab.

The results of the verification analysis are displayed in the right part of the window. The "In detail" button opens a dialog window listing in detailed the results of the analysis. Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Verification of cross section"

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