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The "Project" frame is used to input basic project data.

The "Project data" button opens a dialog window in which you can fill in individual items.

The filled data is displayed in the middle part of the frame. This information is further used in text and graphical outputs, especially when creating a header or footer part.

"Project" frame

If the project data you enter does not suit you, you can change it as you need (add / edit / delete). The data is defined in the so-called "Project data template". After pressing the "Project data template" button, the "Edit project data template" dialog window opens.

When the "Input IFC data" option is checked, the "IFC data templates" button appears, which allows us to define and input extra IFC data in the task.

The frame also allows us to switch analysis units (metric / imperial). Project data can be copied within all GEO5 programs using "GeoClipboard".

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