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Geological Model

The geological model is generated from boreholes. The boreholes are displayed in the table and they are the only input for the generation of geological model.

Frame "Geological model"

The boreholes are created in two ways (the way of creation depends on the status of borehole):

  • Original borehole or Modified borehole are created automatically from the soil profiles
  • New borehole is created using an "Add graphically" or "Add textually" buttons

One borehole is always determined as the "Master borehole". The geological profile is generated from this master borehole and from the compatible boreholes with the master borehole. The aim of modelling is to use all boreholes and create the geological model, which corresponds to all input data.

When modelling a geological model, the boreholes are subsequently edited. It is necessary to change an incompatible borehole to a compatible borehole performing changes in soil layers - this way, the boreholes are added to geological model.

The generated model can be canceled any time using the "Model Again" button. In this case, all newly created boreholes will be deleted and the boreholes created from soil profiles will be restored to the original state.

The same procedure is used when deleting the boreholes - the new boreholes can be deleted, the boreholes created from test profiles are always restored from the corresponding test profile.

If we don't want to consider a created borehole for generation of the geological model, it is possible to turn off the "Active" button in the table.

For new users, we recommend you to go through individual modeling examples first.

Visualization of drawing on the desktop can be modified in any input mode based on the settings adjusted in the "Drawing Settings" frame and with the help of buttons on the "Visualization" tool bar.

The "Undo" button is an important program tool. It allows to return back to the original state before any modification.

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