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Input of Slip Surface

Select the slip surface type from the list (circular, polygonal). It is possible to input the slip surface according to its type in several ways:

  • Circular slip surface

Graphically - after pressing the button, input three points that define the circular slip surface using the left mouse button.

It is possible to change the input slip surface in the dialog window "Circular slip surface" after pressing the button, or replace the slip surface using the mouse button by pressing .

The button cancels the slip surface input.

The button converts the circular slip surface to polygonal.

The button removes the slip surface.

Textually - by pressing the button, the dialog window "Circular slip surface" is opened, and x, y coordinates, and the diameter is input.

  • Polygonal slip surface

Graphically - by pressing the button on the toolbar, the slip surface input mode is turned on - while adding, the process is the same as with interface input.

Textually - press the button and using the button above the table, the "New points" dialog window is opened. In the dialog window, the points of the slip surface are added using the x, y coordinates.

The button converts polygonal slip surface into circle slip surface.

The functions of the rest of the buttons are the same as with the circular slip surface.

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