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Soil Profiles

The "Soil profiles" frame contains a table with all input soil profiles. The name and coordinates of original field test and type of the soil profile are visible in the table. Next to the table, the selected test profile is displayed.

Soil profiles are created automatically from the field tests. The name of the test and its coordinates cannot be entered or edited - they always correspond with the original field test.

In fact, the soil profile is an interpretation of the field test into a geological profile.

Test profiles are further used for creation of boreholes. The geological model is created from the boreholes. Each correctly entered soil profile creates a borehole (if it is not disabled using "Profile is active for geological model generation" button).

If one or more soil profiles are selected, the button "Print log" is shown on the toolbar. Using this button we can print soil profile together with field test as a part of geological documentation.

If the soil profile is not correctly entered, it is displayed in red in the table with "not defined" description. In this case, the borehole is not created from the test.

If the soil profile is located out of the construction site, the soil profile is not visible and it does not create a borehole.

Creation of test profile depends on type of field test:

Interpretation of field test into a soil profile can be carried out when modeling geological sections.

During this process, the soil profiles can be directly created or edited.

Frame "Soil Profiles"

Visualization of drawing on the desktop can be modified in any input mode based on the setting adjusted in the "Drawing Settings" frame and with the help of buttons on the tool bar "Visualization".

The "Undo" button is an important program tool. It allows to return back to the original state before any modification.

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