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Special Distribution of Water Pressure

Special distribution of water pressure

This option allows an independent (manual) input of distribution of load due to water at the back and in front of structure using ordinates of pore pressure at different depths. The variation of pressure between individual values is linear. At the same time it is necessary to input levels of tables of full saturation of a soil at the back h1 and in front h2 of structure including possible decrease of unit weight δy in front of structure due to water flow.

Example: Two separated horizon lines of groundwater.

There are two permeable layers (sand or gravel) with one impermeable layer of clay in between, which causes separation of two hydraulic horizon lines - see figure:

Example of pore pressure distribution

The variation of pore pressure above the clay layer is driven by free groundwater table GWT1. The distribution of pore pressure below the clay layer results from ratio in the lower separated groundwater table GWT2, where the groundwater is stressed. The pore pressure distribution in clay is approximately linear.

The capillary attraction is in the analysis reflected only by an increased degree of saturation, and therefore the value of γsat is inserted into parameters of soils.

To distinguish regions with different degrees of saturation, one may insert several layers of the same soil with different unit weights. Negative pore pressures are not considered. However, for layers with different degrees of saturation, it is possible to introduce values of shear resistance influenced by suction.

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