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Program Stratigraphy

The Stratigraphy program (and Logs, Cross Sections and Earthworks modules) is used for:

  • Creation of a digital terrain model of the construction site (the "Point Cloud" program can be used to import data)
  • Import of all boreholes and field tests from the geological survey - for collecting data in the terrain, we recommend using the GEO5 Data Collector mobile app
  • Creation of geological documentation
  • Creation of geological sections
  • Creation of a 3D subsoil model
  • Data export to other GEO5 programs (Cross sections - "Slope Stability", "Settlement"; Output profiles - "Spread Footing", "Piles"...)

The workflow in the "Stratigraphy" program is described in the Engineering Manuals on our website:

- EM 40 - "Basic Work using the Stratigraphy Program"

- EM 41 - "Advanced Modeling in the Stratigraphy Program"

- EM 42 - "Creation of Field Test Documentation"

- EM 43 - "Interpretation of Field Tests into the Soil Profiles"

- EM 44 - "Creation of User-defined Template"

- EM 46 - "Earthworks module"

- EM 47 - "Export and Import Field Tests / Templates"

- EM 49 - "Conducting Geological Surveys - Data Collector Mobile App"

- EM 50 - "Basic Work with Point Cloud program"

The help in the "Stratigraphy" program includes the following topics:

  • Data input into individual frames:




Construction site

Source Data

Terrain points

Terrain Edges

Field Tests (Exploration Points)


Soil Profiles



Geological sections

Geological model

Output Profiles

Output Sections

Output Solids

  • Theory for field test input in the "Stratigraphy" program:

Field Testing

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