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Control bar - Print and Export

The control bar of the "Print and export document" and "Print and export desktop view" dialog windows contains the following control elements:

Control bar "Print and export"

Individual control elements function as follows:


Opens the "Save as" dialog window allowing to save the file in formats *.PDF, *.RTF or *.TXT.


Opens the dialog window for "Print".

Open and Edit

Opens text editor (associated in the Windows system with *.RTF extenison) that allows to edit the page manually.


Opens a dialog window for mail client and adds the picture as an attachement in *.PDF format.

Color Style

Determines the style of picture view (color, gray scale, black & white).

Page Setup

Opens the "Page setup" dialog window that allows to specify the page style (size, edges, orientation).

Header and Footer

Opens the "Header and footer" dialog window that allows to input the document headers and footers.

Page Numbering

Opens the "Page numbering" dialog window that allows to input the document page numbering.

Note: The document can be scrolled using the mouse wheel, or the slider in the right part of the window.


Copies the selected picture (text) to clipboard - parameters are set in the "Options" dialog window - tab "Copy to clipboard".

Select All

Selects all elements of the document (text and pictures).

Cancel selection

Cancels entire selection (picture, text).

Note: It is possible to select any part of the document. This is done by moving the mouse over the desired text while keeping the left mouse button pressed.

Page width

Fits the page to maximum width of the document dialog window.

Two Pages

Sets the size of the pages, so that two pages are displayed in the dialog window.

One Page

Modifies the page size such that the entire page in the dialog window is visible.

More Pages

Sets the size of the pages, so that more pages are displayed in the dialog window.


Displays the document in a format of a book.

Note: Zooming any page of the document can be done by holding CTRL and rotating the mouse wheel.

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