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Generator of Lining Shape

Depending on particular parameters the generator creates corresponding elements that are then operated on independently with no possibility for being parametrically modification. If the parameters of generation are acceptable, the program displays during their modification the current graphical representation of generated elements.

Six basic shapes of linings are available for generating free points and free lines in the "New shape of lining" dialog window. Each shape is defined by several parameters (radii, angles, height, spacing, subdivision number, control points).

Dialog window "New shape of lining" - tab "Basic shape"

The "Bottom arch" tab sheep allows us to choose, whether the lining invert will be flat of arched, determined parametrically either by a radius or an angle.

Dialog window "New shape of lining" - tab "Bottom arch"

The "Location" tab allows, using coordinates, for changing the lining location.

Dialog window "New shape of lining" - tab "Location"

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