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Analysis According to the Janbu Theory

It is based on principles of nonlinear elastic deformation, where the stress-strain relationship is described by a function of two dimensionless parameters unique for a given soil. The parameters are the exponent j and the Janbu modulus m. Equations describing the settlement are obtained by specifying ε from the definition of deformation modulus Et and by subsequent integration. The program allows the user to compute settlement for the following types of soil:

  • Cohesionless soils
  • Coarse - grained soil
  • Sands and silts
  • Overconsolidated sands and silts
  • Cohesive soils
  • Overconsolidated cohesive soils


Method of settlement computation for various types of soils, Soil Mechanics and foundation engineering, Springer, 7 (3), 1970, str, 201-206.

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