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Partial Factors on Water

Partial factor on water action adjusts the force magnitude due to water action; the magnitude of pore pressure, respectively.

Partial factors applied to an action of water

The partial factor on water action can be input because EN 1997 offers several ways how to account for the influence of water. The two basic approaches are:

  • Variant 1 - the coefficient of water action is set to 1.3 or 1.35, respectively (some NA). In this case, the actual groundwater table is considered and its influence is multiplied by the input partial factor.
  • Variant 2 - the coefficient of water action is set to 1.0, or in other words, the action of water is not considered in the analysis. In this case, the maximum allowable groundwater table must be considered.

Partial factors on water

The selection of a particular option for the verification remains upon the user.

Providing the user adopts both options, we recommend introducing two settings in the "Settings administrator", which differ by the magnitude of coefficient γw.

Settings list - pre-setting for both variants of partial factors on water action

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