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Construction Stages

This tool bar manages the construction stages. The following picture shows the location of individual buttons:

Tool bar "Stages"

Adds construction stage

  • adds a new construction stage at the end of the list

Removes construction stage

  • removes the last construction stage from the list

Construction stage 1,2 ...

  • switches between individual stages of construction - selection is performed by using the left mouse button

This bar allows to define stages of the construction. Construction stages serve to model gradual building of the construction (essential for programs "Sheeting check", "Settlement", "FEM"). This function can also be used for parametric studies and in each construction stage, different soil assignment or different design coefficients can be assumed. It is rather advantageous to model earthquake effects on a structure in a separate stage of construction as it is then possible to assume different factors of safety or different design coefficients.

For individual types of input (soil assignment, anchors, supports…) there always exists relationship over construction stages (Heredity).

Some programs show construction stage analysis status using a color stripe.

"Stages" tool bar with analysis status color stripes

The colors have the following meaning:

  • green - there is an analysis in the construction stage which IS SATISFACTORY
  • red - there is an analysis in the construction stage which IS NOT SATISFACTORY
  • grey - there is an analysis in the construction stage which has not been performed yet

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