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Project Data Template

The "Edit Project Data Template" dialog window defines all the data that can be entered in the "Project" frame.

The project data is further used in text and graphical outputs, especially when creating a header or footer part.

The "Default" button can be used to save the project template as the default for all future tasks or to revert to the default state.

"Edit Project Data Template" dialog window

A sample application can look like this - for example, we have added three new items in the window above (using the "Add" button) compared to the standard template:

  • we have newly defined the set "Checked by", where two employees will be selected (Ing. Starý, Ing. Kormaník)
  • we have newly defined the "Equipment" group, which will create a new tab where we will enter information about the company car and computer
  • we have selected the entry "Cadastral district" from the predefined database

Predefined types are represented by a globe icon and new user local types have a document icon .

Data input in the "Project" frame with the modified template looks like this:

"Project" frame - newly entered data

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