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Restrictions on the Optimization Procedure

The "Analysis" frame allows (after pressing the "Restrictions") for specifying restrictions on the optimization process.

Regardless of the assumed type of slip surface (circular, polygonal), it is possible to introduce into the soil body (with the help of mouse) segments, which should not be crossed by the optimized slip surface. These segments also appear in the table in the left part of the frame.

Polygonal slip surface also allows for excluding some points from optimization, either entirely or partially, only in a specified direction. "Keeping the point fixed" during the optimization process is achieved by checking the box in the table with the corresponding point.

For a circular slip surface, the minimal weight of soil above the slip surface can be specified. This option allows us to exclude short and shallow slip surfaces from the optimization, which in certain cases are not of interest from a global stability point of view.

This input mode is quitted by pressing the red button "Return to Analysis mode".

"Analysis" frame- restrictions on slip surface optimization by segments

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