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The program automatically calculates the internal forces according to the scheme selected in the "Walers" frame.

The beam can be loaded by the concentrated load R or uniform load q.

The magnitude of the uniform load q is calculated according to:




number of supports



maximum force in anchor (prop)



anchor or prop



overhangs length (l/2)

For the walers that are not defined at the same angle as the anchors or props, the load magnitude is reduced by cos(α).

The walers can be designed according to the following schemes:

  • Simply supported beam - concentrated load:

  • Simply supported beam - uniform load:

  • Simply supported beam with overhangs - uniform load:

  • Continuous beam with overhangs - concentrated load:

  • Continuous beam - uniform load:

  • Continuous beam with overhangs - uniform load:

In the case of simply supported beam - concentrated load, the anchor (prop) is considered as a concentrated load in the centre of the beam span. The beam is supported by the wall profiles.

In other cases, the anchors and props are considered as beam supports.

Note: The walers are verified only in the plane perpendicular to the wall structure resp. in the direction of the anchors.

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