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Compaction test (Proctor)

The purpose of this test is to determine the optimum soil moisture content at which the tested soil can be best compacted. These are properties that are essential for compacting soils for roads and railways, for building dams, and for replacing soils in the subsoil.

Test types:

  • Proctor's standard test - the soil is gradually layered into the standard container and compacted with a 2500 g hammer falling from a height of 300 mm. For the standard variant, compaction is carried out in three equally thick layers of 25 blows each.
  • Proctor's modified test - differs in the weight of the hammer and the number of layers. A 4500 g hammer falls from a height of 450 mm and the packed soil is layered in five layers.

Output protocol of Compaction Test

The form of the entered data and the output protocol print is purely user-defined, following the specified template.


CSN EN 13286-2

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