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Creation of the 3D Model from Interfaces

The basic input for creating a subsoil model is the master borehole and assigned interfaces in the table of layers.

The workflow for modeling is as follows:

In the Geological Sections frame we create geological sections and:

In the Geological Model frame we select the master borehole. We always select a borehole with the biggest amount of interfaces (ideally all).

In the table of layers we assign individual interfaces and define the order of layers generation. The interface represents a bottom border of the displayed soil. The continuous interfaces must be generated as first, then the other interfaces connected to continuous interfaces - e.g. soil lenses.

If not all defined interfaces are visible, it is necessary to edit master borehole and assign missing interface. The number of not assigned interfaces to the model is displayed below the table of layers.

Model with one not assigned interface before edit of the master borehole

The layer with zero thickness is displayed on the visualization of borehole. After assignment of interface in the table, the information below the table is changed to "All interfaces are assigned".

After each model generation, it is appropriate to compare generated Output Sections of model with defined Geological Sections to check correct creation of 3D model.

The final model can be easily edited by adding new boreholes and changing their layers thicknesses.

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