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Front Face Resistance

The "Front face resistance" frame allows by pressing the button for specifying the terrain shape and parameters of front face resistance. The selected shape with a graphic hint of input values is displayed in the left part of the frame. The terrain shape can be edited either in the frame by inserting values into input fields, or on the desktop with the help of active dimensions.

Combo lists in the frame allows the user to select the type of resistance and a soil (the combo list contains soils introduced in the frame "Soils"). The magnitude of terrain surcharge in front of the wall or soil thickness above the wall lowest points can also be specified in the frame.

The resistance on a structure front face can be specified as a pressure at rest, passive pressure or reduced passive earth pressure. The resulting force due to reduced passive pressure is found as a resultant force caused by passive pressure multiplied by a corresponding coefficient, which follows from the input type of reduced passive pressure.

Frame "Front face resistance"

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