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Design of Longitudinal Reinforcement for Slabs

The design of reinforcement is performed for load caused by the bending moment M. The program provides the required area of tensile and compressive (if needed) reinforcement. It takes into account conditions for the minimum and maximum degree of reinforcement in a given cross section. First, the program determines the location of neutral axis as (Art. 8.1):


for L class reinforcement (Art. 2.2.2):

for N class reinforcement:

Providing the location of neutral axis is less than the allowable one (xmax), the program determines the area of tensile reinforcement Ast from the expression:

Providing the location of neutral axis is greater than the allowable one (xmax), the program determines the areas of both compressive (Asc) and tensile (Ast) reinforcement from the expressions:

The limit location of neutral axis xmax is found from (Art. 8.1.5):

The computed degree of reinforcement is checked using the following expressions (Art.

If the maximum degree of total reinforcement ρmax is exceeded, the program informs the user that the longitudinal reinforcement cannot be designed for a given cross section.

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